Weaving Detroit’s Information Silos

Recently ae.i.ou was awarded an Honorable Mention in the 25inchRFP competition of the “Detroit: A Brooklyn Case Study” organized by SUPERFRONT. The proposal, titled “Weaving Detroit’s Information Silos”, will be exhibited in Superfront’s Pacific Design Center in a corresponding exhibit that opens January 20 and will remain on view through May 27.

Project Description: Weaving Detroit’s Information Silos

Information silos are management systems that act in isolation from each other. In order for Detroit to align the latent social, economic and intellectual capital it must first weave the current gaps that exist between communities, investors, institutions, and politicians. This proposal seeks to represent the need for new forms of collaboration and to spur urban (re)actions at various scales.

The piece is composed of a 5 ft. x 4.25 in. transparent cast acrylic tube, red nylon thread, and transparent color film. The acrylic tube is a component that is easily fabricated, shatter resistant and very durable [cost approx. $60-$80]. Color film [$40] will codify the surfaces and holes will be drilled to allow people to weave nylon thread [$8], brainstorm and interact with each other.

25inchRFP | Detroit: A Brooklyn Case Study | Honorable Mention

Visit the competition & exhibition page HERE for more details

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