Publication + Expo | Detroit RFP

From January 20 to May 27, 2011 ae.i.ou’s entry “Weaving Detroit’s Information Silos” will be on view at SUPERFRONT LA in the exhibition DETROIT: A BROOKLYN CASE STUDY, Curated by Chloë Bass + Mitch McEwen.

Along with the exhibition, the proposal was also published in the expo’s thematic book that includes all the investigations, research articles and RFP proposals submitted and that studied the case of Detroit as stipulated by Superfront LA.

According to the curators: “The possibility of encountering Detroit along a line of thought or inquiry, happening upon parallels, rather than making Detroit a singular object of study, defines much of this exhibit. Detroit: A Brooklyn Case Study seeks, possibly, to develop a point of view that acknowledges a curatorial siting in Brooklyn, to deny the attempt to occupy a universal position from which to view Detroit. Consistent with the case study methodology, the exhibit aims to correlate the facts and point them in the direction of a problem to be solved or a future to be projected. In the instance of this exhibit, correlated works are pointed in the direction of more facts, as well as some myths, less a solution than an aggregation of possibilities that result in a few beginnings and no end.”

For more information visit SUPERFRONT LA.

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